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 Welcome to Tasisat Market Group :: KoolerGazi & Iran Hvacr

پرتال کولرگازی ایران تقدیم می کند

High Efficiency Air Conditioners
~ تی جی ام : کولرهای گازی اسپلیت و پنجره ای و پرتابل،مینی چیلر و فن کوئل، پکیج آبگرم و پرده هوا





Iranian Manufacturers, Exporter and Importer of Installation, Heating & Cooling systesm, Ventilation, Air Conditioners and Refrigeration.

We IRAN HVACR are invite all international companies at HVACR & Installation industries for cooperation so if you are interested to have an valuable promotion at our portal dont waste time and contact us soon.

Also, If you are looking for any HVACR & Installation products from Iranian manufacturers and companies so we can help you as your Partner in Iran.

Final, we accept all nice commercial offers from world wide about HVACR industry.

Wish all the best for you

Mike Zohari


TJM Complete Supply Source
Equipment, Supplies and Services

Since 2003 :

TJM (IRAN HVACR) is an international full service supply company providing a range of expertise and services to air conditioning companies. The TJM company provides professional and dedicated services to HVACR, oil & gas projects and water supply, installations and air conditioners projects of the Middle East region and Iran. Quality, service and reliability in providing metering systems field, also air conditioners and heating and installation, equipment and parts to the regional Oil & Gas and electricity & water projects and companies. TJM is associated with large and reputed manufacturers and suppliers mainly from Europe, America, Japan, Korea and Iran. Products & Services and Instrumentation Including :

  • Air conditioning and heating & HVACR systems
  • Residential & Commercial Air Conditioner and also Air Coolers
  • Gas Boilers, Water Heaters, Solar Energy, Radiators, Fan Coils, Chillers
  • Heating & Cooling systems and installations
  • VRF/VRV Central Digital Scroll Split Unit Systems with all types of indoors units ( wall mounted, cassette, ceiling floor, concealed dust, floor stand )
  • Flow meters for Liquids, Gases and Steam
  • Temperature Measurement and Control Instruments
  • Copper Pipe and tubular products
  • Pumps; centrifugal, submersible, electro motors…
  • Measurement instruments : Gas meter, Electricity meters ,Water meters
  • Heat meters, electronic water meters
  • Radio systems (AMR; Automatic Meters Reading)
  • Cooling Compressors ( Rotary, Reciprocating, Scroll, Screw)
  • Cooling Towers
  • Air Purifiers, Air Treatments
  • Water Dispensers
  • Air Filters, Heat Recovery Ventilation
  • Infra red radiant heaters, Premix burners, gas ovens

    Our Service for International Companies are looking to Iran markets:
    -Special exhibition services like IRAN HVACR 2014 October, Iran Construction & Building Fair and others regards to your business.
    -Bank service, transfer on money, Insurance, express carrier...
    -Hotel booking: 3 or 4 and 5 Star hotel in city center or located to exhibitions centers.
    -Taxi services, pick up you from Tehran air port to every where.
    -Translation services
    -Print the Persian version of your catalogs
    -Promotion for you in Persian web sites or newspapers
    -Any things you maybe need in Iran for doing the business...


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